Want to Create delicious 
Meals and Improve your health while doing it?
Becoming a Cooking Queen!
 A monthly membership where you learn to cook healthy and delicious food with confidence.
My name is Dr. Lauren.
I am a board certified family medicine physician. I teach people how to use food in order to prevent and cure disease. My passion, goal, and mission is to break generational patterns of food related diseases.

I'm here to help connect the dots between food and disease, so that you are crystal clear on what to eat and what not to eat.
Weekly Video Recipes
 I want this to be fail proof! So I have created video recipes where you can cook along with me. I explain in great detail what ingredients I use, and why. These are healthy & delicious meals, designed to prevent and reverse disease. You’ll learn how to create a diverse array of food including vegetarian dishes and dishes with seafood & poultry. You’ll learn a new and exciting dish each week to add to your arsenal of weeknight. All meals are budget friendly and most can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. 
Monthly virtual cooking classes and weekly group coaching sessions
  • ​Each week we'll meet virtually to discuss a health & food related topics.  I'll be there to answer your questions and give you advice about using food to improve your health
  • ​Once a month, we'll meet for our virtual cooking class in Zoom!  This is a lot of fun where you'll get to learn new dishes in the conform of our intimate supportive group. 
  • ​Weekly video recipes!  Sometimes I find that with a written recipe, I find ways to mess it up, but with video recipes created by me, you'll have the confidence to create these recipes alone in your own kitchen.
  • ​Downloadable E-Cook books & educational PDF material 
  • Monthly educational videos designed to empower you with the tools you need to control your health. My goal is that you learn this information, master it, then teach it to your family and friends. You’ll learn about so many health topics including how to improve your blood pressure with food, how to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes with food, you’ll learn all about Intermittent Fasting, 15 Minute Meals, food to improve your hair & skin, and so much more!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group with once a month live cooking demos, live teaching sessions with Dr. Lauren and accountability sessions.
  • Opportunity to register for live events before the general public. (all of my live events sell out)
  • Exclusive incentives and discounts on all Dr. Lauren’s Products and services, including her nutritional supplement line.
"Finally a doctor that advocates for using food also as medicine! Thank you for your kind and generous spirit."
- Karen
"Dr. Lauren lives the life she teaches her patients. She is a positive inspiration for anyone looking to improve their health & wellbeing."
- Sylvia
"The food is delicious and filling. I'm eating food I never would have thought I would like."
- Maya 
"I would have never tried any of these recipes. Thank you so much! I'm literally in tears."
- Cynthia 
"Thank you so much. Eating this way has made my mind so clear..."
- LG